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Dying to Stay

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Local Hugo Author: D. L. Meyer


Jim Meyer gave up the ghost after a fall from the roof of his home while replacing Christmas lights. He will be the first to insist he did not. Was it love that gave him the ability to haunt his wife and kiddos long after his heart had stopped beating? Or was it because as he'd often said when he was alive, "We are energy and energy never dies"? He'll tell you it's a bit of both... especially when that energy has a purpose to fulfill. Jim's wife, Denise, is not handling his passing well, or anywhere in the vicinity of well. When she spews a thesaurus of profanity in church on Christmas Eve, it's clear she is not only grief stricken but furious. What kind of heavenly father would deprive two babies of their earthly dad, and at such a time of year? That kind of god did not deserve a capital G, so to hell with him. It will be up to Jim to stick around and convince her otherwise, even if it means pestering her night and day with messages, signs, and cosmic appliance repairs to prove he and The Big Guy do exist. He might be the late Jim Meyer, he reasons, but he's still got plenty of great left in him. Enough to take his wife (and readers) on an emotional rollercoaster ride, starting with his faltering first attempt to leave his signature on a wood-burning stove and ending with a mad dash down I-75 to rendezvous with a ten-foot love note even an analytical list-making pragmatist like his wife can’t explain away. In the mood for a love story? A ghost story? A true story that lights a candle of hope for people lost in the darkest depths of grief? "Dying to Stay" is all three, as told by a man who’s lived on both sides of the earthly divide.

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