Intentional Kindness - Speed Run Puzzle

Intentional Kindness - Speed Run Puzzle

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Here's the Twist:
The puzzle ON the box is more than a bit different than the puzzle IN the box! What happened here?

Intentional Kindness illustrates that a simple gesture can be a big win-win. These delightful critters pitching in to help each other will make you smile. The final puzzle includes a number of twists that will warm your heart.

About the Artist:
Robin Decaire is an illustrator, graphic designer, and avid jigsaw puzzler from Minnesota. Within the jigsaw puzzle community she is known for her speed puzzling (winning multiple competitions including the St. Paul Winter Carnival and the USA Nationals with her jigsaw puzzle teams). Robin created Intentional Kindness for a USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association design contest... and her design won! Intentional Kindness reminds us that helping one another is a fist bump for the soul.

About Speed Run Puzzle:
Intentional Kindness is a Speed Run Puzzle. The Speed Run Puzzle is an ongoing jigsaw puzzle race. Assemble this puzzle as fast as you can and see how you compare to other speed run puzzlers. Compete as an individual, pair and/or as a team.

Interested in seeing if you can improve your time? No problem! Assemble the puzzle again and re-submit your time or try it with different teammates.

How to compete.

Once you've completed the puzzle share your time with the USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association. Your time will be added to posted rankings on their website. The puzzle can be completed multiple times to try and improve your score and can be done as an individual, pair, 3-person team or 4-person team. Additional details included are with the puzzle and a QR code provides a link to the online time submission form.


Good luck! Have Fun! Perform an Act of Kindness!