Red Jasper Bracelet

Red Jasper Bracelet

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Stone of Health

*Highly protective + grounding
*Enhance stamina, strength + endurance
*Alleviate stress + induce tranquility
*Cleanse + eliminate negative energy
*Ideal worry or rubbing stone to soothe nerves + increase focus
*Useful for long periods of fasting
*Excellent diet stone
*Release emotional triggers that perpetuate unhealthy behavior
*Believed to increase fertility and is conducive to happy pregnancies
*Align + stimulate all chakras but especially the Root chakra

How to use: wear for health, keep around your home, use with Root chakra during meditation

Disclaimers: sizes and colors vary in all stones, 6 mm beads, customers cannot choose their stone from the picture as all stones are different, order comes with one bracelet and not a set of bracelets