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Sweet Surprise Puzzle from Puzzle Twist

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Your favorite candy bursting in bright, full color will create an image within the puzzle that can't be seen in black and white. The transition to Technicolor will tempt more than just your sweet tooth. When do you see the image?

Here's the twist: There's more than meets the eye with a colorful surprise, that's revealed before your eyes. The special twist will challenge your thoughts on what makes a puzzle great.

"brand": { "@type": "Thing", "name": "Puzzle Twist" }, "offers": [{ "@type" : "Offer","sku": "Sweet Surprise","availability" : "http://schema.org/InStock", "price" : 20.0 "priceCurrency" : "USD", "url" : "https:\/\/www.theargylemoose.com\/products\/sweet-surprise-puzzle-from-puzzle-twist?variant=39404586696798" } ] }