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Till The Cows Come Home - Swedish Dishclothh

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The Most Stylish and Sustainable Dishcloths You Could Ever Own.

 Swedish dishcloths are made of a cotton and cellulose blend. These high-quality dishcloths are long-lasting and absorb liquids at 16x their weight. They are machine washable, which adds to their reusability and sustainably.

A single Swedish Dishcloth = Up to 20 regular paper towel rolls. 

Swedish Dishcloths aren't just for cleaning veggies, dusting, washing windows, mopping or cleaning the sink. They are tough enough for pots and pans while gentle and soft enough for your face. You read all of that right. How will you use yours? 

Reusable. Sustainable. Responsible.


Dishwasher safe and machine washable.