About Us

The story of the The Argyle Moose® began as I wondered what Career 2.0 looked like for me. I was so fortunate and grateful to have spent the first decade of our girls lives at home. As hard it was, I loved it. However, I was ready to do something different. How could I combine my background of customer experience and marketing with my love of connecting with people? We've lived in Hugo almost 20 years and there had been a lot of talk online in 2017-2018 about how much we needed more places for our residents to go. We knew a lot of local makers and thought, why don't we do it?  Fast forward to 2019 when our business plan was approved and we found the perfect space in Hugo. We opened our doors in August of 2020 (Yep, right in COVID). Our community and beyond has supported us so well! We are in our 4th year and continue to add new makers. It's always been more than a store; it's a welcoming place for people to connect.