Hand Painted Bud Vases

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These bud vases are part of the Flowers of Intention Collection.

Each design is inspired by one of four beautiful flowers, each with their own special meaning:

  • The Peruvian Lily has six petals, each representing a different characteristic: understanding, humor, patience, empathy, commitment, and respect.

  • Purple Hydrangeas signify the want for deeper understanding and symbolize abundance, elegance, and royalty.

  • Marigolds were often linked to the powerful strength of the sun and represent power, strength, and the light that lives inside of a person.

  • Blue Pansy flowers vary from striking electric blues to cooler sky blue shades and symbolize qualities like devotion, honesty, and loyalty.


Each vase is hand-painted and sealed to ensure the longevity of the art. Please note that there will be variations in color and pattern due to the handmade nature of this product. No two vases are alike making them a unique gift for others or yourself!

Bud vases are 4” tall and 3.5“ wide.

Care Instructions:

These vases are hand wash only.